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Mission and Goals

Cell therapies are making remarkable progress as treatments to cure cancer, but they are very difficult and costly to manufacture. At Raven Biomaterials, our goal is to maximize therapeutic yield, without losing a single desired cell from the starting material to the delivery of the therapeutic.  Our RBI-beads will be used to optimize every separation process with minimal or no loss: to reduce – blood draws, -material process requirements, and – processing time; all of which will contribute significantly to better, more affordable cell therapeutics and monitoring diagnostics.

Solving Industry Challenges

Improve therapeutic yield and quality.

Decrease production time.

Improving Patient Monitoring

Enabling greater patient access to life saving therapeutics

A Good Product Starts with Quality Cells



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What We Use


Proprietary Next Generation Cell Separation
  • Our platform separation technology is based on a unique solid core of metallic microparticles that are 50X more magnetic and 4X denser than current alternatives.
  • Our material properties as well as surface characteristics, size, and shape enable mixing, dispersion, and separation over larger distances in complex solutions (blood and potentially homogenate).
  • The RBI-bead core drives faster processes, improved purity and quality, reducing time and costs
  • RBI Beads can be directly applied to blood samples or Leucopaks
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Demonstation and Samples

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For A Patient Every Cell Counts

There is a critical need to maximize the harvest of T cells from patients for CAR T cell therapy.  From purification of the starting material to the final therapeutic, RBI beads enable improved enrichment processes, and transfection results.    Expanding only therapeutically modified cells improves efficiencies, shortening the manufacturing time.   Every day saved, may mean a life saved for the waiting terminal cancer patient.
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