Revolutionary Cell Separation Technology

What We Use


Proprietary Next Generation Cell Separation
  • Our platform separation technology is based on a unique solid core of metallic microparticles that are 50X more magnetic and 4X denser than current alternatives.
  • Our material properties as well as surface characteristics, size, and shape enable mixing, dispersion, and separation over larger distances in complex solutions (blood and potentially homogenate).
  • Removes >90 % of Contaminants
  • Retains >90% of TARGETED Cells
  • The RBI-bead core drives faster processes, improved purity and quality, reducing time and costs
  • RBI Beads can be directly applied to blood samples or Leucopaks

Proprietary Solid Core Technology

  • Solid core
  • Metallic micro-particles
    • 50x+ more magnetic
    • 4x more-dense
  • Thin film coated
    • Direct AB binding

Superior Performance

High Quality Performance

  • Add Beads to Sample
  • Mix for 1 to 5 minutes
  • On magnet for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Remove depleted suspension

Existing Cell Samples

After RBI-Bead Cleansing

With virtuality no loss of desired cell

Currently Available For Depletion of

  • Granulocytes (CD15)
  • B Cells (CD19)
  • Platlets (CD41)
  • Red Blood Cells (CD235)
  • T cells (CD4*)
  • T Cells (CD8*)
  • Or Customized to your needs (*in development)

Beads can be directly added to Heparinized Blood and Leucopaks

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