Revolutionary Cell Separation Technology

For A Patient Every Cell Counts

Removal of B cells while retaining CD4+ T cells

Typical Results Achieved

97% Removal of B cells (CD19)

99% Retention T cells (CD4)

High Quality Performance

  • Add Beads to Sample
  • Mix for 5 minutes
  • On magnet for 5 minutes
  • Remove depleted suspension

Existing Cell Samples

After RBI-Bead Cleansing

With virtuality no loss of desired cell

RBI-beads Out-Perform the Competition

Cell Recovery Single Step Directly in Source Material
Sample Retain Purge Retained Purged
Whole Blood Lymphocytes Granulocytes 98% 99%
PBMC T cells (CD4) T cells (CD8) 98% 96%
    B cells (CD19) >97% 97%
PBMC T cells (CD8) T cells (CD4) 97% 100%
    B cells (CD19) >97% 97%

Percentages ±3%

Cell Recovery Remains HIGH in Sequential Enrichment Steps

No. times RBI-bead Cell recovery Competitive Best Case Cell recovery
Triple Pass 93% - 15 min 34% - 2.25 hrs**
Single Pass 98% - 5 min 70% - 45 min (reported 30%-70%)
*Comparison to top two competitors marketing literature: 60%, 70-75% (ThermoFisher's dynabeads, and Miltenyi), with multiple other primary reference sources stating 30-50% yield each pass.

Technology Application Benefits

  • Application of this next generation technology will enable access to cell therapy for more patients.
  • It will lower costs and improve quality of therapeutic and patient monitoring.
  • Fewer apheresis harvest required reducing harvest and process time
  • Speedier processes will save lives, and access for the sickest patients.
  • A triple increase in yield from a single draw moves will have significant benefits for the patient.

A Good Product Starts with Quality Cells

RBI Beads for Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Patient Monitoring

  • Our magnetic beads will reduce the loss of critical target cells in harvesting, enrichment, and in isolation/purification processes of therapeutic cells.
  • Will reduce costs and impact production time and quality.
  • Improving manufacturing will positively impacting patient access.
  • Increased cell recovery in each and every draw – results in fewer and smaller draws required from the patient.

RBI Beads can be directly applied to blood samples or Leucopaks

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